Music is an important component of any fitness class, as it sets the tempo and energy for the workout. Fitness instructors have a variety of options for the music they use in their classes, including curated playlists, streaming services, and instructor music. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using instructor music and why it’s an essential tool for fitness instructors.

Instructor Music is specifically designed for fitness classes and is created using a 32-count structure. This structure breaks the music down into eight-count segments, making it easy for instructors to cue exercises and transitions. The 32-count structure is based on the principle that most exercises in a fitness class are performed in sets of eight repetitions. By using music that is structured in this way, instructors can easily coordinate their cues with the music, ensuring that the class flows smoothly and that participants are moving in time with the beat.

Another benefit of Instructor Music is that it is created by fitness professionals who understand the needs of fitness instructors. These professionals work with instructors to create music that is appropriate for different types of classes, such as cardio, strength training, and dance. This ensures that the music is engaging and motivating for participants while still being appropriate for any class level.

Instructor music also tends to be more dynamic and versatile than cover band playlists. This is because it is designed to be used in a variety of different classes and settings. For example, instructor music may include different versions of the same song, such as a “power mix” for high-intensity intervals and a “chill mix” for cool-down or stretching. This provides instructors with the flexibility to use the same song in multiple ways and to tailor the music to the specific needs of their class.

In addition, Instructor Music tends to have a large pool of music which is updated regularly. They have a team of music curators who curate music and create playlists which are specific to a workout format. This ensures that the instructor have a new set of music to keep their classes fresh and exciting for their participants.

Instructor Music is an essential tool for fitness instructors. It is specifically designed for fitness classes, providing instructors with a structured and dynamic music option that is easy to use and adapt to different class formats. It also gives a large pool of music and keep the classes fresh. With instructor music, instructors can create engaging and effective workouts that are enjoyable for participants.