Royalty Free Music

Are you trying to go Virtual streams?
Our instructors are amazing. Many have been thinking outside the box, and are attempting to take their business online during these troubling times. First let me say, that Please Do NOT use any of our music that you have purchased for background music in your virtual video streaming. You need special licensing to be able to do it legally, licensing that we cannot provide and could take several months to get, and of course lots of money. Your gym or yourself should have Public Use licensing in place that covers you while in the gym. It does NOT cover you in the Virtual Video streaming platform. Especially since, we use Original artists for our music.

Now, we at Instructor Music and are working on music that you can use for your Virtual Video Streaming, that you can use in whatever way you want to use it. No special licensing of any kind needed.

You are able to use this mix on any Video stream on any platform of your choosing. It should not get flagged and taken down, as there are no copyrights to this music. Since the platforms you intend on using for your video streaming, are not owned by us, we cannot guarantee it won’t get pulled down.

This/These mixes will only be available via Download. Sorry, No CD’s will be available for these mixes.

If you are still a CD user and have not learned how to do the downloading yet, now is a great time to learn, as you probably have some down time. We have a FREE downloadable mix that you can practice how to download. The download is not meant to teach any classes, only to practice and learn how to download using your Cell, Tablet, or Computer. Be sure to check out our Help section for tutorials on best practices of downloading. The link to that Practice Download is Here
Instructor Music and are pleased to announce that the Video Stream mixes are ready for you now. It is live and available on both sites for you, right now.

Below are Royalty Free music that you can use for all your Video Streaming platforms.