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FAQ/Help – Common Questions

I don’t want to download or Can’t download


Fortunately, we have a solution for that as well. We have developed our sister site, called, that is a streaming site. Kinda like YouTube without the video portion.

With the 32Count Fitness system, there are no CD’s to purchase, and no downloads to download and get into your player or device. Simply select your mix, your bpm, and click play. That is all there is to it.

I Didn’t Receive Download email


    The instant your order is successfully completed, you are presented with a page (your Thank You page) to immediately start your download, while at the same instant  2 emails are sent to the email address on record. One email is your receipt, the other email contains your link to download your playlist. If you did not receive one or both of those emails, please check your Spam/Junk folder for the email(s).

     If you can’t find the email with your download links, you will have to log into your account on our site. Simply go to our site, click on My Account, once logged in, click on Downloads, you will see the download(s) waiting for you. Just click on the download link as you would in the email and the download will start.

What’s the difference between Tracked and Non-Tracked?


Definition of choices below:

Separate Tracks Mp3: Each playlist song is its own track. Just like on
a CD.
Non Tracked Mp3 – This is a single file with the whole playlist. No
separate tracks.

Both One Continuous and Separated tracks, are in 32Count Phrasing and are gapless/seamless.

Let’s dive deeper into what those really mean for you.
Do to how Apple has made downloading and getting your music into your iDevice and having it play gapless for you, a bit troublesome. We have added the the option of a Non Tracked Mp3. It is the Whole Mix/Playlist in One Single Continuous file.

What this does for you is that there are not tracks to deal with, as sometimes, getting multiple tracks onto your iDevice successfully, is a challenge. So, in this case, you just download this single file, put it into your player, and it will play all the way through, gapless/seamless, and just like you have become accustom to.

We started adding these files to all the mixes starting in the first week of December 2020. Any mixes older than that, will still only be Tracked mixes. But all mixes going forward will have the Separate Tracks version and the Non Tracked file in all BPM’s for your pleasure.

When you add the Non Tracked mix to your playlist in your player, it will appear as only one track. You will not see all the tracks/songs in that playlist. Take a look at the Length of that track and you will see it is at least an hour long at 136 bpm.

If you are tired of Downloading all together, we have our sister site called where there is no downloading. Simply select your mix, select your BPM, and click play – Done.
Check it out!! It has all the mixes and more of what Instructor Music, as all the music comes from Instructor Music.

Royalty Free playlists and Streaming


    First let me say, that Please Do NOT use any of our music that you have purchased for background music in your virtual video streaming. You need special licensing to be able to do it legally, licensing that we cannot provide and could take several months to get, and of course lots of money. Your gym or yourself should have Public Use licensing in place that covers you while in the gym. It does NOT cover you in the Virtual Video streaming platform. Especially since, we use Original artists for our music.

    We dug in and searched high and low on how best to get you what you needed without fear of getting fined or sued by certain groups or having your video’s taken down because you used copyrighted music in your video streams (i.e. Our current typical library of music mixes).

    OK, now that part is out of the way. This mix, should work for your needs on the video stream aspect. Is it our usual fair of Top40 and major original artists? No. That would put you in financial jeopardy as noted in our previous email. Will it work for your needs? Yes.

Check out our Royalty Free mixes

Password Reset – Didn’t get email


The instant you click the submit button after putting in your email email address when using the Reset Your Password option. An email with instructions on resetting your password is immediately sent to your email address. If you don’t see the Password Reset email in your Inbox, please check your Spam/Junk folder for the email. It most likely it ended up in your Spam/Junk folder.

Music will not add to iTunes – Red Circle with a line through it


This is caused by iCloud. All you need to do is to turn off iCloud in iTunes. Open iTunes, click on Edit, then Preferences, under the General tab, you will see a check mark next to iCloud. Click on the Check Mark to remove it, then click Save. You should be able to add all your music to your playlist now.   See, Adding Music to iTunes – for the best way to add music to your iTunes.

My Mix song list is not in the proper order


If you used the Best method shown in the Adding Music to iTunes above, and still have your songs out of order, you can fix that by following the below methods;   You can manually move the tracks around by clicking and moving it to the proper spot directly within iTunes.   The other option is to highlight your Mix, on the left pane, the click on View, then Show View Options, click Track Number, so it has a check mark next to it. Then under Sort near the top, select Track. That will sort them by track number.

My playlist has gaps in it or is choppy during transitions


This is usually caused by your song list being out of order. Instructor Music designs our mixes to be in the order listed on the product description. Verify that your song list is in the proper order. Often times, that happens when you select all the songs in the folder as opposed the folder when creating your playlist in iTunes.

The Best and Easiest way to get your music into iTunes:

Once the file is downloaded, it should only take a couple of minutes to get the music into iTunes.

Again, once the file is downloaded, Right click on it, and Unzip/Extract the file. It will Unzip/Extract into its own folder. Open iTunes, create a Playlist, name the Play list the name of the Mix.

Making sure you can see iTunes and the Folder with your music, drag the Folder (Not the individual songs from inside the folder) onto your new playlist. The playlist will now populate with all the music with in the folder, In proper order.

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